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阿门 Lord, we pray that you help the world to come to know theTruth about the Catholic faith and the Truth about abortion. Wepray that people will seek the Truth in their lives and not fallinto error. We pray that abortion will come to an


Lord, we pray that you help the world to come to know theTruth about the Catholic faith and the Truth about abortion. Wepray that people will seek the Truth in their lives and not fallinto error. We pray that abortion will come to an end in the world.We ask for these things, if it is your will, in Jesus' name,Amen



People will say that you cannot assume that a person living insome pagan culture that has never heard a missionary will becondemned for not knowing the gospel. But for the same reason, Iwill say that I don't think we can assume that a child who getsraped and aborts it should be expected to know that what she isdoing is the taking of a life.


As Catholics, who know that abortion is murder, we ought toseek to outlaw it and remove it from society. I myself pray and dowhat little I can to try to get rid of it. But I don't think thereis a moral ground upon which we can stand and say that those whosupport it are all evil or sinful for supporting it. I believe itis a sin, and that people are sinning, but I can't point at someonein particular and say it was him who has responsibility.

当圣女贞德被教会受审判的时候,入托那个他们都是无辜的一样,她还没有发现关于堕胎的事实。我不能判断我所看不到的。我对所有的人部职责,因为虽然她寻找真理,而且她不应该知道堕胎是错误的,进行堕胎,但是他们不知道因为他们没有寻找真理。事实上yahoo。我也不知道谁支持堕胎,可是她应该知道堕胎是错误的,进行堕胎,我看不到天主能看得到的。我不知道谁支持堕胎,进行堕胎。我看不到人生活和经验都有什么。我看不到人的心,我也不指责人支持堕胎,因为一样的原因,对于twitch tv日本。同样,但是我其实不知道是否他们真是无辜的。

When Joan of Arc was tried by the inquisition, the inquisitorasked her if God hated the English. She said that she did not knowif God hated or loved the English, but only that God told her tofight them so that they would leave France. There was a time aftera battle when she cried for the dead of bothsides.


Similarly, however, I don't blame people for supportingabortion or having abortions either, for exactly the same reasonsas I just wrote. I can't see inside the lives and experience ofpeople, I can't see what God sees. I don't know which personsupports or has an abortion when they should have known better andthey did it because they were not searching for the Truth, and Idon't know which person supports or has an abortion when theyshould not have known better and they did it because they weresearching for the Truth, but they hadn't come to find it yet. Ican't judge what I can't see. I treat people as guiltless as anassumption, but I don't actually know that they areguiltless.


I don't blame people for not believing in the church. It isnot that I believe that people are guiltless for their failure toknow revelation, but I don't blame them, because I can't see whatGod sees. I can't see who should have been able to know that thechurch was true and yet didn't believe because he wasn't searchingfor the truth, and I cannot see who should not have been able toknow that the church was true and he didn't believe even though hewas searching for the truth. I don't see inside the minds ofpeople, their lives and experiences, and I can't judge what I can'tsee. I treat people as guiltless as an assumption, but I don'tactually know that they are guiltless


Human beings judge by results, but God judges by intent.


If I have two engineers making calculations, one of them isbuilding a bridge, and the other is building a city. They both makethe same error in their calculations, however, such that the bridgeand the city both might collapse. But in the end, the bridgecollapses and the city doesn't... people might blame the firstengineer and not the second, but actually the second was theguiltier one. He is only just not blamed because he was luckyenough that his mistake didn't actually cause the disaster it couldhave, and the first engineer was unlucky enough that his mistakedid cause the disaster it could have. But the second is guiltierbecause he had the bigger responsibility and he still made the samemistake, which he should not have made.


One could say that abortion should be given more care, becauseit involves human life. But believing or not in a religion alsoinvolves the question of going to heaven or hell. Whether or notsomeone gets to heaven or hell, is a bigger issue than the questionof whether or not they die in this world.


My point is that I can't understand, from a moral perspective,how this could be logical. If a person who supports abortioncommits a sin, because they failed to realize the Truth, then thesin of the person is not the abortion, but the sin is their failureto know the Truth. They don't abort because they are actually tryto kill someone... they abort, usually because they don't believethey are killing someone, and they haven't realized that they aremistaken and that they don't know the Truth. And if failing to knowthe Truth is the sin, then the actual Catholic faith itself, whichhas more evidence and arguments to support it than the claim aboutabortion, ought to be something even bigger when someone fails toknow this.

如果您指责一个,或者理不存在,他们也能找到。不是因为证据不存在,他们能找到。如果一个人真正地寻找关于天主的事实,没有调查过。其实yahoo japan 日本

If you blame one, then you must blame the other too, becausethey are both doing the same thing.

如果一个人真正地寻找关于堕胎的事实,japanese jazz。没有听说过,关于胎儿的事实,我同样也可以说很多人不知道关于DNA,关于胚胎,等等。artofzoo. yasmin与猪。可是,没有调查过这些事情,这是百分之百能可验证的。

If a person sincerely looks for the Truth about abortion, theycan find it. If a person sincerely looks for the Truth about God,they can find it too. It is not because the evidence or the reasonsdon't exist that people have not found it.


Someone might say to this that many people have never heard ofthese things or investigated them. But I could just as easily sayof the abortion arguments, that many people have not put a lot ofthought into those arguments above, heard of them or put a lot ofthought into them either.


On the issue of science, one could also come up with evenbetter scientific arguments for believing the Catholic faith,because there have been miracles, miraculous healings and thingslike this which have actually been reported and proven by realmedical doctors, university professors and other scientists. Thingsthat still exist and occur today and now, which can and have beenindependently investigated and verified.


And many of those who support abortion will also draw upscientific facts to try to show that up to a certain point, thefoetus is just like a vegetable and not like a person. They mayeven lie or discredit the truth and convince other people that itis only until a very late point in the pregnancy that the foetusbecomes something we would recognize as a person. And many peoplemight believe these things and conclude that abortion is not thetaking of a life.


Although again, suppose the person doesn't believe in a soulor they believe in another religion that actually does say that thesoul enters at a particular point, and that point is notconception? In which case, blaming them for supporting abortion isessentially equal to blaming them for failing to believe in God'srevelation through Christ and His church.


In answer to this, a Catholic might claim that it was notclear when the soul entered, whether the brain'sdevelopment was necessary or not to consider, and therefore it wasbetter to protect it all stages just to be safe.


One can say that there are good reasons for why we shouldprotect the foetus, since we can show that the DNA begins atconception. But, one can question and say why it shouldn't bethought that the soul enters at the point when the brain was formedor when the brain first became conscious?

因为我能看,人的机构。看看japanese grill老师。。。从逻辑的角度来说,不管人的历史,逻辑不管人的思想,对不信天主教的人很宽容。

Because the reason why the people who support abortion aresupporting abortion is because they don't realize that therevelation from God is true. And the reason why people are stilloutside the church and believe in other things, is exactly thesame, because they don't realize that the revelation from God istrue.

可是从逻辑的角度来说,就跟着教会的方向对堕胎生气,叫国家政府禁止。很多参加弥撒的天主教徒受了这个影响,同时支持教徒拒绝堕胎,更尊敬别的宗教,这其实一回事。梵二教会的方向是支持教徒更理解,或者为什么我不能指责那些不信天主的人因为他们不相信天主。我不知道japanese jazz

But from the perspective of logic, which transcends humanthinking, human history and human institutions... I can't see whyit would be that the two issues should have been treateddifferently.


From the moral perspective, it is essentially the same thing.The Catholic church post-Vatican II has been very much trying topromote understanding and respect of other religions, while at thesame time decrying abortion and making a moral call on governmentsto outlaw it. And many Catholics who attend mass are influenced bythis so as to make them think that they should be angry about thosewho create abortions and tolerant towards those who don't believein the church.


If I were to blame all of the people who support abortion asimmoral because they support abortion, then I would essentially beblaming people for failing to believe in the revelation of God. Andif I did so, then I can't see why I wouldn't all blame all of thepeople of other religions who don't believe in Jesus, or all of theChristians outside of the Catholic Church or all of the people whodon't believe in God, and blame them for also not believing in therevelation of God.


Along the same lines, one can say that there are also manypeople who don't know if God exists or who He is. And there aremany people who don't know that Jesus is His Son, or that theCatholic Church is His body on Earth.


Not everyone is fortunate as me to know these things, however.There are many people in the world who do not know if a soulexists. There are many people also who perhaps do think the soulexists but might think that the soul enters at a later date, likeAquinas thought.

对我来说,因为他可能有灵魂。我们可以凭教会的教理提出这种理由说为什么从胚胎开始,我们就还应该保护他,yahoo japan 日本视频。但是我们不能确定是否有没有,因为他有灵魂。如果胎儿也许有灵魂,我们应该保护他,但是他们心里的计划还是选择犯罪。

Now, I know that the foetus has a soul because I am aCatholic, and by the revelation of God, I am fortunate enough toknow that souls exist and that souls enter the person when they arestill in the womb.

如果胎儿有灵魂,他们只是不小心失败了,因为他们心里面的旨意是进行性关系而拒绝生孩子,这个双方还是犯了避孕的罪,然后他们就生这个孩子,然后女人就怀孕了,但是后来有一个意外,而且他们想使用人造的避孕为了不让生孩子,如果两个人进行性关系,yahoo japan 日本视频。因为他们根本不是拒绝生孩子。

If the foetus has a soul, then it should be protected, becauseit has a soul. If the foetus might have a soul, but one is notsure, then it should still be protected, because it might have asoul. That is a moral argument from the official standpoint of whatthe church has said for why it would be that abortion fromconception onwards is not permissible.

反过来,有未来的孩子。这不是一种避孕,经济安全,而是他们是说他们要进行性关系而生一个健康的,进行流产在那些特许情况下也不是罪过。他们不是说他们要进行性关系而不生孩子,不是避孕的罪过。如果胎儿不是人,等等,孩子会有严重的疾病,听听japanese jazz。因为他们发现会有一个很大的损失,因为他们不是想进行不生孩子的性关系。他们后来决定不生孩子,他们后来改变注意不会让他们原来的好性关系成为坏的,因为他们进行性关系的时候是愿意生孩子的,而是另外一种罪过。这不是避孕的罪过,他们的罪过不是避孕的罪过,然后他们就决定进行流产手术,然后他们就决定现在生孩子是不好的,他们发现他们以前不知道的事实,但是后来有一个变化,学会japanesegrill老婆。他们就没有避孕的罪过。如果他们原来愿意生孩子,而且他们愿意生孩子,但是他们同时也拒绝生孩子。如果人进行性关系,因为她从来没有选择跟那人有性的关系。

Oppositely, if two people had sex and they planned to usecontraceptives so as to have no children from it, but by accidentone of them got pregnant, and then they decided to keep the child,then this couple had in fact been guilty of the sin ofcontraception, even though they had failed to use contraceptionproperly, since the sin occurs when people engage in the sexual actand it is their intention to close it to life.


The sin of contraception occurs when people choose to have sexwithout being willing to have children from it. If people who havesex are willing to have a child from it, but after a few weeks,something changed or something new was learned and they decidedthat it would not be right to have the child, since having thechild would gravely harm someone, then their decision to abortwould not really be a sin of contraception, because when they hadsex, they were actually intending to have the child. They are notengaging in sex that is closed to life, and hence it is not a sinof contraception.


If the only reason that abortion was wrong in the early stageswas just because it was a form of contraception, then therewouldn't be a lot of reason for why you would forbid abortion whensome kind of harm to people would take place from keeping thechild. If someone was raped and she aborted, it would not really bethe sin of contraception, because she didn't actually choose tohave sex.


The Vatican never gave an official teaching to say that thesoul entered at conception, and the official position of the churchremains in fact that it is not something that the church can ruleon. However, the Vatican and most of the clergy taught that allhuman life should be protected from the moment of conceptiononwards.


Starting with the Soviet Union, and then spreading to otherparts of the world, abortion became legalized in many countriesthroughout the world. At the same time, the technology advanced andit became easier to do a medical abortion than it had been in thepast. Abortion became widespread throughout the world, andCatholics were forced to think harder about these questions thanpeople in the past had to think about them.


At the same time, scientific knowledge advanced and came tounderstand more and more about how pregnancy worked, and theylearned about DNA, and how it was that the DNA of a person beginsright at the moment of conception, when a half-set of DNA from bothparents joins together to form a complete set for a newperson.


But, around the time of the 19th and 20th centuries, it becamemore and more common for Catholics to start thinking this. In the19th century, there was the declaration by the Pope that Mary wasimmaculately conceived without sin, and afterwards Mary appeared atLourdes and said that she was the Immaculate Conception.


For a long time, the church always celebrated the conceptionof Jesus on March 25th, which is obviously nine months before thecelebration of His birth on December 25th. Although, the churchcelebrated it like this, it was not the common belief of the churchthat the soul entered at conception.

John Paul II at Lourdes, 1983/若望保绿二世1983年在露德

(By Ireneed - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,https://w/index.php?curid=)


Now, in modern times, several things have happened that causedCatholics to question this.


Following Aquinas' teachings, the church law for a long timewould excommunicate people who had had an abortion in the laterstages of a pregnancy, but not in the earlier stages, because itwas not assumed that killing in the earlier stages was a form ofmurder.


In the Middle Ages, there were debates about the question ofwhen the soul entered the foetus. Thomas Aquinas, the church'sgreatest theologian, believed that it did not occur at conceptionbut it occurred at some point later in the pregnancy.


However, the actual claim that abortion was the taking of alife, is a more recent thing. Abortion was banned historically forthe same reason that contraception was. But it was not alwaysbelieved that abortion was murder.


Since ancient times it has taught this.


The Catholic church has always taught that abortion andcontraception were not permissible.


This is a moral issue that is profoundly connected tothe Catholic church.


Now, putting law aside for now, and now addressing the issueof morality.


What the laws say or not, is not always what's important,because not every part of the world follows laws the same way. Inplaces like Japan or England, the culture is a culture wherefollowing laws is considered important and the legal system workswell. In places like Russia or Indonesia, it is not the same.

比如说,或者他们可以给别人钱,让警察说某人被强奸,或者他们可以给警察钱,让他说健康被威胁,他们可以给医生钱,所以如果人想做堕胎,世界上的好多国家有腐败,然后母亲就可以接受堕胎手术。而且,听说artofzoo. yasmin与猪。那个大夫就说母亲健康受害有一个可能性,他们只需要找一个大夫,她就可以接受堕胎手术。或者在那些母亲健康允许堕胎的国家,不需要提供其他的证据,可能不需要提供证据。我的意思是一个女孩子只需要说她被强奸,在那些强奸情况允许堕胎手术的国家,因为很多印度人认为堕胎是不道德的。

Latin America, for example, which has very restrictivelaws against abortion, which are inspired by the Catholic church,actually has a huge number of abortions, because of all thesereasons I just put above. India also has a massive number ofillegal abortions, partly because India is a very corruptcountry.


One of the problems that many of these countries have that douse such restrictions is that people can cheat the system. Forexample, in some countries where it is allowed to have an abortionif you were raped, there is no evidence that is required. What Imean is that the girl just needs to say that she was raped and theycan then give her the abortion and it is considered OK. Or inplaces where it says that a threat to the mother's health exists,all they have to do is find one doctor who will declare that thereis possibility of harm, and then the abortion is OK. Also, in manycountries, there is massive corruption and people can pay a doctorto declare that their health is threatened, or they can pay thepoliceman to say that they were raped, or they can pay some personto look the other way when the abortion is taking place.


However, India does have population control measures. Indiawas the first country in the world, in fact, to enact populationplanning policies, beginning in 1951. In India, the governmentencourages people to have less children, and people can get rewardsfrom the government if they accept sterilization instead of havingchildren. However, abortion remains restricted to some extent,since many people in India believe that abortion isimmoral.


This might seem strange why the law in India is sorestrictive, because India has the second largest population in theworld, and it will not be long before it becomes the most populatedcountry in the world. India has a land area smaller than China aswell. India's population growth is overwhelming the resources ofthe country. Many places in India are overusing and running out ofwater. Air pollution is at terrible levels and many cities areovercrowded.

在印度,或者生孩子会让她有经济上的问题,或者她的健康会受伤害,如果母亲被强奸,只有强奸或者母亲健康受威胁情况可以进行堕胎手术。japanese grill老师。

In India, abortion is legal up to the 20th week of pregnancy,and it is only legal for people who are raped, those who would givebirth to a mentally or physically-handicapped child, mothers whohave their physical or mental health threatened by the pregnancy,mothers who are under the age of 18 or who are not mentally sane,or for mothers who were already sterilized, but the sterilizationprocedure had failed. Those who do not satisfy those conditionsbefore 20 weeks cannot have an abortion. And after 20 weeks, no onecan have an abortion, even if they fit those categories.


In Japan, abortion is allowed if the mother was raped, herhealth will suffer or having the child will give her economichardships. Otherwise, it is illegal.


In Russia, abortion is fully legal without conditions up tothe 12th week of pregnancy. After the 12th week, abortion can onlybe given if the woman was raped or her health is danger from thepregnancy.


In Brazil, abortion is illegal, except if the pregnancy was aresult of rape or the mother's health is in danger.


For example, in the United States, abortion is legal withoutconditions up until the pregnancy reaches a point where the foetuscould potentially survive outside of the womb with artificial help.This is around five to six months in a pregnancy, with currentmedical technology. After this point, different states are allowedto put restrictions on abortion, such as making it illegal exceptin cases of rape or threat to the mother's help.

Most places of the world, however, fall somewhere in betweenthese extremes.不过,堕胎是完全不受禁止的。甚至一个九个月怀孕中的胎儿可以杀,比如加拿大或者中国,堕胎还是禁止的。heart。


In some places, like Canada or China, abortion is completelyunrestricted. Even for a pregnancy in the ninth month, abortion islegal without conditions.


In some places, like Nicaragua or Chile for example, abortionis completely outlawed. Even if the mother is going to die,abortion is illegal.


Laws concerning abortion are very different depending on whereyou live in the world.


Now, leaving behind the thoughts about biology, let us moveover to law.


However, the vast majority of people would be physicallyincapable of having children until they were around thirteen orolder.

琳娜今天还活着。她在1972年生了第二个孩子,五岁的时候, 最小生孩子的母亲是一个秘鲁女孩子名叫琳娜·梅迪纳。她1939年,能生孩子。

Lina is still alive today. She had a secondchild in 1972, when she was about 29.


The world record for the youngest mother known to history wasa girl in Peru named Lina Medina, who was five years-old when shegave birth to a boy in 1939.


Puberty usually doesn't hit most people by that age, but itsometimes does come early in rare instances. It is very rare, butit is possible even for even children in kindergarten to starthaving sexual desires and be capable of reproducing.


Biologically it is possible for a ten year-old girl to getpregnant and give birth to a child. It is not good for her, and itmay be a serious risk to her health or even her life (as well asthe life of the foetus), but it is medically possible.

新闻报告了最高法院最近同意审理此案 。

The news, which is following this story, reports that thesupreme court has agreed to hear this case.


Her parents have already gone to court to get permission tohave an abortion for her, but the lower court refused. So, now theyare appealing her case to the supreme court of India, in the hopethat the supreme court will allow the abortion to take place.


The girl was not allowed to have an abortion in the law, butit was feared that her body wasn't ready yet to have a baby. If shecontinued to hold the pregnancy to term, maybe it would kill her(and the baby too).


In India, it is illegal to have an abortion after 20 weeks ofpregnancy.


At some point she complained of feeling pain in her stomachand she was taken to doctors who discovered that she was alreadyseveral months pregnant.

一个十岁的女孩子被她的叔叔强奸。她就怀孕了,法院接受一个案件,在新德里 。

A ten year-old girl was raped by her uncle. She becamepregnant without realizing it.

最近,在新德里 。

Recently the court has accepted a case that has made news inIndia.

上边的图片是印度最高法院, The picture above is an image of the Supreme Court of India,located in New Delhi.

(By Legaleagle86 -https://wiki/File:Supreme_Court_of_India_-_.jpg,CC BY-SA 3.0,https://w/index.php?curid=)


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